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Allergy Free Palladium Jewelry

Allergy Free Palladium Jewelry Allergy free palladium jewelery is something well worth look out for. Palladium has a number of advantages over white gold in that it is hypoallergenic and does not cause the same reactions that white gold does. That is to say less people have any kind of allergic reaction to palladium whereas they might do with white gold and almost certainly do with other metals such as nickel for example.

Gold is a soft malleable metal and generally too soft for jewelery so is alloyed or "mixed" with other metals such as silver, copper and nickel to improve its hardness and durability. Unfortunately this metals can causes allergic reactions in some people, so much so that many countries now ban the use of nickel as an allow to mix with gold. This is mostly due to the nickel but also silver and copper can cause allergies in some people. Palladium however does not have that problem.

Also although palladium is of the platinum family it is much lighter and very suitable for jewelery to replace white gold. It has the same bright white sparkle platinum has but is less than half the price also. It means heavier gemstones can be worn with it and it looks just as wonderful with gemstones as white gold or platinum does. It is also a lot cheaper, roughly half the price of gold.

Palladium does not take a lot of maintaining either. A clean in warn soapy water, rinsed well and thoroughly dried is all that is needed on a regular basis. Do not use detergents, bleaches or chemicals however as these may have an affect on the palladium and perhaps on the gemstones, if there are any, in the palladium.

Palladium is also harder than white gold, even with the highest mix of other metals so is more durable and will last a lot longer.

If you suffer from reactions to jewelery when worn on the body, then allergy free palladium jewelry will be just the ticket and you can be safe in the knowledge you are not going to come out in a rash or suffer the results of allergies to metals as many often do.

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