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Buy palladium Why should one buy palladium? Palladium is a member of the platinum family of metals, Excellent for jewelery as somewhat cheaper than platinum and easier to work with. Jewelers prefer working with palladium for this reason.

Although it is cheaper than platinum and even gold it is still regarded as a precious metal and is becoming more popular for jewelery and as a future investment.

Palladium was originally discovered in 1803 and usually found with other deposits such as platinum in many parts of the world, most notably Australia, Canada, Ethiopia, Russia and South America as well as South Africa.

Palladium is a white, almost like steel in appearance and does not tarnish in air. It has the lowest density of the platinum family which makes it ideal for jewelry.

As well as in jewelry palladium is also used in the purification of hydrogen and in manufacturing of surgical instruments, electrical contacts and other uses.

Palladium is weight in troy ounces, just as silver, gold and platinum are and palladium bullion bars are available in a wide range of weights and sizes with the one ounce bullion bars from Credit Suisse and PAMP being among the most popular.

Bullion bars, and coins such as produced by the Royal Canadian Mint confirm to the industry standard of being .9995 pure.

Palladium looks like it is set to improve in investment value over the coming years and now is likely to be a good time to buy palladium.

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