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Palladium Bars

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Palladium is a sister metal to platinum with some unique properties including easier to work and being somewhat softer.

Palladium bars are used mostly for trade and investment and few companies or minds actually make palladium bullion.

From the bars palladium coins (or rounds) and smaller bars or "biscuits" are made for public consumption and sold on the basis of the palladium content which may be anywhere from 99.99 percent down.

Bullion bars and coins are now made by many mints and palladium coins can be obtained in most countries.

From palladium metal, palladium coins (or rounds) and bars are made to form a physical product that is bought or sold on the basis of the palladium content.

Rene Finn provides a list of countries that make palladium coins for those that like to collect them.

Native platinum was, in fact, in use in the Spanish colonies and in 1967 Tonga, the island nation issued Palladium coins. Many countries have issued palladium coins since then and they are becoming quite popular.

Some collectors like palladium coins and will search high and low for them.

Like any other coin one collects, one needs to ensure that the coins are proof or at least brilliant Uncirculated and properly sealed in their plastic covering.

The same with bullion bars.

Collecting palladium bars and coins is likely to become more popular and as it does the value and price is quite likely to increase.

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