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Palladium vs White Gold

Palladium vs White Gold

Palladium is becoming more popular over white gold possibly due to the fact that palladium wedding bands will stay white more or less forever whereas white gold will go dull after some time due to the fact that it is not actually the gold that is white but the rhodium coating applied and which quickly wears away with constant use.

Palladium weight is very close to a 14k white gold wedding band and is nickel free, making it perfect for those with an allergy to nickel.

Palladium is very durable also and does not tarnish. It is a member of the Platinum family but a softer metal and some what cheaper to use so is becoming a favorite of jewelers and jewelery makers. It is also a cheaper metal to buy, being around half the price of gold roughly so one can afford to splash out more on a good quality gem stone setting instead.

White gold is not a true mental as is palladium. White gold is an alloy of gold and silver and nickel and has a coating on it to make it white. White gold is actually grey and does not look very attractive at all., additionally, you don't actually see the gold in fact, just the rhodium coating. Rhodium, the hard white metal used to coat the white gold is what give it that white appearance. It is a little harder than white gold and so lasts a little bit longer.

Palladium is simply that. Pure 100 percent (or very close to, usually it is given as 99.99 percent) palladium. It is also easier for jewelers to work.

Always check with the jeweler when you are buying a ring what the metal is and if you can get palladium it is a good idea to do so.

When it comes to Palladium vs white gold, palladium stands out as being the best, and most durable and not too expensive either!

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