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Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire Engagement Ring A palladium solitaire engagement ring is unusual and perhaps not always easy to come by.

Palladium is a softer metal than platinum although comes from the same family. It has grown increasingly popular of the last few years due to the ease with which jewelers can fashion jewelery with it.

You don't need to know all about palladium but as with any type of ring buying, a palladium solitaire engagement ring requires a bit of common sense.

Having in mind exactly what you want in terms of style, fashion, what gemstones, if any, you want and basically a clear idea in mind will help you find just the ring you are looking for.

Then doing some patient browsing around both online and in the local jewelers can net some surprising results.

Ensure, if you are talking to a jeweler, that they know about palladium and do not try to fob you off with a platinum or even white gold ring. If they have little knowledge then it is better to find one that understands what you are talking about.

Online there are a variety of dealers who deal in palladium so all you need to do there is ensure they are bona fide and are not just there with a website for a few weeks. Such common sense things as, do they have a fixed address and contactable phone number? Do they have a returns policy? Are they a member of the Better Business Bureau? Do they accept credit card? All these things will ell you they are a proper business and not a fly by night outfit.

With the returns policy you want to be able to return the piece if you find, upon delivery, that it is not suitable or looks quite different to the picture on the screen and is not what you want. You also want to be able to get your money back so ensure their policy includes that.

Be patient and spend some time looking, unless your in a tearing hurry you can find just what you are looking for if you look long and hard enough!

A palladium solitaire engagement ring can be a joy to buy and hold if you use your head as well as your heart when buying it!

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